Parlo italiano: Thanksgiving Edition

Picture mostly related to post.
I don't know about you, but I tend to stuff my face during Thanksgiving. With that in mind, here is this week's Italian Lesson:

Si prega di spostarmi da ruota a letto. Ho mangiato troppo durante la cena.
Please wheel me to bed. I ate too much during dinner.

Any real Italians out there... I'd love it if you corrected my miserable Italian.

(Full Disclosure, I googled "Fat Italian Lady" in an attempt to enhance this post... the results were not pretty.)

Time for a change.

Whereabouts: DK Hair, 3785 6th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103, USA

So... this happened yesterday:

Read on for the reveal!

Silver Strand Half Marathon... Mission, Accomplished.

Whereabouts: Coronado, CA, USA

Thumbs up for Rock and Roll!
Official chip times:
Taylor Jump 1:51:21
74th place for males 25-29
648th place overall

Tassia Bezdeka 2:46:33
160th place for females 20-24
2,602nd place overall

Take that, Silver Strand Half! Good news... we did it! Bad news... my time was horrific! I guess that's what happens when you forget to train? Hit the jump for more pictures, maps, splits, and running goodies :)

Running a half marathon on Sunday...

So naturally, there is a pile of candy wrappers on my desk (before noon, no less!) Nerves, anyone?

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