Triple Crown 2012: Carlsbad Half

Whereabouts: Carlsbad, CA, USA

Part one of the 2012 Triple Crown is officially demolished!

And what a good freaking feeling it is :) Official time came in at a steady 2:40:14... which is 10 minutes slower than my PR but a whole 5 minutes faster than Silver Strand. I'll take it!

On the whole, this race felt much better than SS. The energy was up, the expo was FANTASTIC (free eyebrow waxes anyone?) and it was a perfect overcast day. As usual, I overheated with a long sleeve shirt on and quickly tied it around my waist, and somehow STILL ended up with tan lines, but I couldn't have asked for better running conditions.

Unfortunately, I did sustain an injury. I think it might have something to do with being on my feet all day in heels for the 2-3 days leading up to the race but can't be sure. It started in both my Achilles within the first mile and slowly, painfully crawled up my left calf and into the right of my knee cap. It was a case of mind over matter up until about mile 10, at which point I was almost in tears with every other step. The worst part: the pain intensified on the downhills, so no making up time there :(

This was by far the most supportive race I've participated in, from the volunteers to the spectators. Not only was the whole experience smooth, but volunteers were happy to refill my water bottle in addition to hand out cups, kept the course immaculate around the hydration stations, and offered plenty of you're almost there!'s. And the spectators... high fives, pom poms, fantastic encouragement signs (see after the jump)... I've never felt so cheered on.

I'm expecting a 1.5-2 week recovery period, and hopefully by that time it will start staying lighter a bit longer. My biggest cripple is the inability to run safely (alone) after dark. That being said, between the Triple Crown being in full swing and my brother's upcoming summer wedding, running has inched a bit higher on my priority list.

A whole lot more pics and my splits after the jump :)

Everything laid out the night before... If only my life was this organized all the time!

Gorgeous sky as we approach our freeway exit (traffic was completely bearable!)

An even MORE gorgeous sky while keeping warm in the parking lot.
Hands down, one of the best features of this race is that you park at the start.
Park at the start = staying toasty warm in the car until about 25 minutes before the gun :)

Anxiously awaiting my wave start along with a few hundred other people.
We were blessed by an overcast sky throughout the majority of the morning.
Running heaven!

Saw this energetic group twice on the route... you have no idea what a little
smiling does for your running moral :)

Split Highlights
Mile 1: Took a little bit to take off my long sleeve and get properly adjusted with my new iFitness running belt (which I highly recommend, by the way- well worth the $30).

Mile 8: My first bathroom break of the race... with only 4 people in line ahead of me and 3 portas in front. If you're a runner, you know how devastating a poorly planned bathroom break can be on your time!


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